This website is intended to fulfill several functions at the same time: 
  • It is a place for me to document my weight-loss journey and share that information with my family, friends and supporters. 
  • It is a place to make notes about what works (for me) and what doesn't in terms of losing weight and getting into better shape physically. 
  • It's a place for other obese and overweight people to draw inspiration from.
In June 2015, I was 405 pounds. By mid-January 2016, I had lost 71 pounds in seven months (from 405 lbs down to 334 lbs). By the end of December 2016, I had lost 167 pounds, and was down to 238 lbs. After bouncing up again to 288 lbs, I was down again to 265 lbs by the end of January 2018.

About Me

My name is Chris Matson.
Chris (in June 2016)

At the original time of writing and creating this website (2015) I was 48 years old and had been struggling with weight issues for almost 20 years. I turned 50 in November 2016 and was under 260 lbs by then.

I am originally from England and (with the exception of one year between 2006-2007) I've lived in the United States since 1996. 

Until September 2016, I was a Computer Support Technician working for a large state government agency in Helena, Montana. I used to answer the computer help desk phone. It wasn't glamorous but I was good at it. However, it involved sitting on my bum for eight or nine hours a day. These days I am happily working in a grocery store in my "spiritual home" town of Missoula, on my feet all day, walking about 5 miles daily.

My Story

As a child, I was never skinny as a rail (rake **). In my youth I played lots of sports, but I always had a good appetite (in other words, I always ate too much). Even in my 20s, I played squash, badminton and field hockey regularly. I ran - for fun! I remember being summoned to the principal's office at the nursing college I was attending in 1994 and being told that "playing squash six times a week [during college hours] was excessive", and I should concentrate on my studies more. I didn't finish becoming a nurse, but those first 18 months of training piqued my interest in anatomy, physiology, and how the wonderful human body worked. 

After getting married in 1995, and moving to the United States the following year, I effectively gave up all sports. Americans don't know how to play badminton, and they don't play squash or field hockey. I wasn't interested in ice hockey (I was never a great ice skater anyway, although I really enjoyed roller skating) or American football or basketball. My life became very sedentary and I started to gain weight. 

I don't have the precise numbers at my fingertips at the moment but I'm pretty sure my weight fluctuated between 200 lbs (90 kg) and 300 lbs (136 kg), mostly closer to three hundred, for ten years. After I divorced and moved back to England for one year between 2006-2007, I lost 85 lbs (38 kg). Instead of driving everywhere, I had (for 10 months, anyway) been forced to walk everywhere and use public transport.

When I moved back to the United States I once again had access to a vehicle, and once again I drove almost everywhere. Fortunately, the job I had for the first year after my return was very physical. I was on my feet almost all the time.

** People who know me will know that I'm fascinated by the etymology of words and the subtle differences between American English and English English.